Code of Conduct

Community Standards

We are committed to creating a respectful and productive conference space for all participants, grounded in the principles of human rights and solidarity. 

Sexual harassment, violence, bigotry, and white supremacy undermine the principles of human rights and solidarity. These behaviors create feelings of fear, humiliation, and discomfort. More importantly, disrespect of our colleagues defeats the basic purpose of our conference: to build a powerful grassroots movement to create an enduring, reparative people-powered democracy.

This will be an intentionally multi-racial and multi-gendered inclusive space. 

Racial harassment can include, but is not limited to, racial slurs, offensive or derogatory remarks about a person's race or color, touching someone’s body or hair without their permission, or the display of racially-offensive symbols. 

Sexual harassment is any unwanted attention of a sexual nature. This includes but is not limited to: remarks about appearance or personal life, unwanted flirtations, touching someone without their permission, and graphic comments about body or dress. We will have systems in place to address racial, sexual, and other forms of harrassment at the conference so that it is a safe space for all. 

We want to ensure that transgender and gender nonconforming participants feel fully included and supported at the conference. We will re-label bathrooms to provide private and all-gender options. Because you cannot know the gender or sex of someone by their physical body, voice, or mannerisms - we consider it an act of support and solidarity to ask, “What pronoun do you prefer?” or “How do you identify?” When you are unsure and don’t have a chance to ask, try using that person’s name or phrase such as “person in the red shirt.”


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